We present to you ready made companies, which are such companies that are already ready for immediate business. It usually takes a few weeks to create a company, so you can start trading right away. Such ready-made companies have all the portfolios ready and all communication with the authorities is ensured. In this way, the company already has its own ID and other essentials, which you will not have to worry about at all. The share capital currently 200 000 is already composed of our resources, so you do not have to deal with this problem. The registration of any such company in the commercial register is commonplace. They are also already dealt with free trades, which allows you to start a business on the same day that the company was transferred. Only one meeting that lasts about an hour is enough to transfer the company. In such a short period of time we are able to deal with you all necessary matters. This is an opportunity for such entrepreneurs who need to start a company as quickly as possible for a variety of reasons and begin a business immediately.
Services that are included in the price of the company
Any such company should have a general meeting and we will take care of its establishment and organization. We verify all necessary documentation, including signatures and stamps. We will pay the fee for the registration in the commercial register, obtain an extract from the criminal record, the trade register and also from the land register. We have already mentioned that the company thus established is also dealt with free trades. If you need to change your seat within Prague, it is also possible, if you need to sell the company, we will help with all the formalities that belong to the sale. As you can see the creation of a ready made company will make it very easy to start a business, we will take care of you even after that, it means that we will help you with the website, or perhaps with the management of accounting.