Your dream has come true, and you can finally taste your first bathing and antics in your own water surface! How long have you been waiting for this moment? What did you have to do with all the building? And how did you get information on proper water maintenance and operation? It remains to be seen how you can take care of your water surface. But what is your wife doing there? Is the water tested by thumb at the foot, whether it is too cold? You forgot about the pool thermometer? Such a trifiness, and yet so substantial. And you can take it floating with a string!
The sun will help you
Even if you don't have water heated, it's enough for the season. The sun's rays will warm you up so much that your wife will be able to dive into the water and swim within the size of the area. He won't even have to test the water with his thumb at his feet or hands. When you buy the necessary accessories, it just looks. But do not put it in the middle of it, when it is bent over the water surface, you would not have to survive in health! You know, the cold water kids don't mind, you have the pleasure of every water frothing without monitoring that it is or not cold.