Did you take a cottage in the countryside and, for starters, dispose of all the existing furniture that is largely occupied by the wormwood? You have no funds for new equipment, but you still want to go to the place and need to put away things? A simple solution is to buy racks.
Simple shelves with plastic shelves, which you can buy in our e-shop either already finished or to assemble yourself according to your own requirements, will surely find practical use. Thanks to the shelf material, their use is very variable, at first you can put out everything, including packaged food.

Shelves, Plastic
If you become more involved in the time, you do not have to throw away the shelves you have already taken or otherwise definitely get rid of them, you can easily move them to the garage or cellar, where you are able to use them in a rich way. With its payload capacity of 50 kg per shelf, you don't have to deal with what you give them, they probably will.